Eat to Compete

Murtaza Karachiwala
June 29, 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog of sports nutrition: Eat to Compete!!

Ever wondered what might be on the lunch platter of Novak Djokovic or MS Dhoni? How many meals do they have in a day??

With Millions of people around the world trying to pursue better health by spending billions of dollars on conventional health providers, gyms, spas, consulting doctors online and even on personal trainers (All thanks to the millions of #fitness goals on social media!); right nutrition seems to be the need of the time.

Also, in the last few years, we have observed a considerable shift in the mindset of the people (majorly parents) who believed that one cannot make a career out of sports. And as more children indulge into sports these days, it is important to make people aware about the optimum nutrition which is the key to an athlete’s success.

My major focus while writing this blog is the importance of nutrition in an athlete’s life. May it be #cricket, #football, #swimming or a #marathon race……#training and skills alone will not give you good results if the nutrition is not in the sync. Diet plays a significant role (almost 80%) and can either make or break your athletic goals. From increasing your stamina to reducing the chances of injury and promoting recovery, a nutritious diet does a lot more!!

But the world of food is a noisy place. With thousands of advises on high proteins……low carbs……vitamin supplements and immunity boosters from friends, family, neighbors and the so called gym trainers, we seem to be more confused than ever! It is actually not the lack of information that is distressing us but the tons of misinformation that we have.

Thus with a passion to make a difference and simplify the complex science of nutrition and provide the best meal plans for different sports, I begin my journey as a blogger.

My coming posts will include:

• Pre and post competition/workout meals

• Foods to have during the competition

• Meal plans for different endurance sports like swimming, cycling, distance running and team sports like football and cricket

• Nutrition for peak performance in weightlifting, power lifting and throwing

• Indian recipes for optimum performance

• Nutritional ergonomics

And a number of questions that boggle every athlete like,

1. Should sports supplements be taken?

2. How much water should be taken and when?

3. How to avoid muscle cramps?

4. Which foods boost recovery?

5. How to gain lean body muscle mass?

6. Are protein powders helpful?

7. Is the 12000 calories diet of Michael Phelps actually a myth??

So get your every query answered and bring out the best sportsman in you!!

Stay tuned.......Stay fit!!!

Written by
Murtaza Karachiwala
Experience in the Sports Industry from Past 5+ Years and a vision on Providing Beautiful Sports jersey around the world.

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