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Murtaza Karachiwala
June 29, 2021


We are childhood friends playing FIFA all day and night. Once in august 2015 , we were playing FIFA at a friends place. While selecting the Team jerseys we had a thought that all sports need a specific wear to play comfortably. Also the sports played in a team need so many cloths which are exactly same in design and colour and everyone likes something new in sometime. So we started researching the sportswear market. The niche which we were trying to get in had a lot of competition but there was a high demand everywhere. we then decided to start this business in good faith and as a sense of getting little extra income more than our pocket money.

As we were young at age we had nothing to invest for the business so we decided to start small and keep on investing the money we earned. we started spreading the word of our new company through our friends and families. the response was slow but organic. once we started getting orders we searched for a suppliers who was able to make these customized jerseys. As per the customer demands there were few miscommunications and misunderstanding while colour selection, design and quotations. All of this happened as we were not familiar with the terminology in this specific niche of digital sublimation printing.

so all of us had one specific thought in common that customer satisfaction is the most important key to any business that's why we decided to bare the loss and give new jerseys to our customers or gave them a heavy discount to compensate our mistakes. Also at the beginning the supplier gave us high rates and did not use to give us time. slowly slowly the supplier realized that we were feeding him with good business so he started giving us good rates for everything plus gave us very good service as we became his most premium customers over a year.

Now we were getting the grip of the business with its products like: Jerseys, Shorts, Tracks Tracksuits, Zippers, Hoodies and bags. Since we knew all pros and cons of this specific niche, we were able to provide our customers with all specific range and variety of products as per their budgets.

Instagram played a great role for our boost too. As it had come into trend at that time one of us was a Instagram freak so he made some good post and people started contracting us for their events and festive t shirts. During festivals in India there is a great demand for these Polyester and Lycra t shirts. Our suppliers was not able to cope us with our orders as he had orders from his other existing customers also. So we got in touch with few other suppliers too.

Again everything started running smooth. After a while we realized that all suppliers of ours follow complete different size chart. This was a big drawback for us. But as its said " Every destruction leads to a new construction ". In our case as we started facing complains on quality of the product. Because all suppliers followed different quality for : Inks, Printing, Fusing, Stitching, Finishing and Packaging.

Now we had to take a major step to start our own manufacturing. Since we had a good customer base with regular timely production every month, we started planning to get an investment to get our own machinery according to the international standards so that we can start with exporting our products too. There were local, cheaper and widely used machinery available in the market but we did not go for that as we wanted to maintain good quality standards for our products because we had made an effort from the start to maintain high quality with low margins on our side for the best to make a goodwill for our Brand, ROYALTEE & ROYAL SPORTSWEAR.

Written by
Murtaza Karachiwala
Experience in the Sports Industry from Past 5+ Years and a vision on Providing Beautiful Sports jersey around the world.

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