Work on what you wear

Murtaza Karachiwala
June 29, 2021

As I spoke before about the manufacturing process there is a lot of work that goes in while a design for the jersey is created. The digital design has to be then inculcated in the actual jersey that is supposed to be printed via digital sublimation machines and then stitched accordingly.

All of this process is manged by different teams like : Designing , Printing , Cutting and stitching , all have to execute perfectly for the highest quality of finished product.

Also it is very important to recognize our clients taste because every customer has their own preferences , likes and dislikes and most importantly a budget. So we have to suggest them many different ideas by which they can get the best jersey with their requirements in their budget and that is whats we specialize in.

Written by
Murtaza Karachiwala
Experience in the Sports Industry from Past 5+ Years and a vision on Providing Beautiful Sports jersey around the world.

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